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Mixfader Dock


Replace the switch of your Numark PT01 Scratch with Mixfader thanks to the Mixfader Dock, specially conceived to fit your PT01 design.

Replace the switch of your Numark PT01 Scratch with Mixfader thanks to the Mixfader Dock, specially conceived to fit your PT01 design.

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Combine the best portable turntable with the best portable fader.

The dock will let you find the feel and grip of a crossfader when scratching on your Numark PT01 Scratch. Simply unscrew the switch, screw the Dock instead, and place your Mixfader. The Dock perfectly fits the PT01 design, and has been conceived to match your Mixfader and maintain it no matter how hard you cut.

See Mixfader Dock Booking Terms & Conditions

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Booking Terms & Conditions

DJIT has chosen to make the Mixfader Dock available for booking online through its website during a period initially established between the 19th of January 2017 and the launch of the product.

The customer is informed that the order is not placed for an existing product but for a product in the process of being manufactured and that the product may eventually not be marketed or offered for sale on the website. The customer is further informed that changes or delays may occur in production, and therefore in the delivery of the Mixfader Dock, and that DJIT SAS cannot be held liable for such changes or delays.

The customer is informed that:

  • the validation of a booking implies acceptance of the general terms of sale in their entirety. With the exception of the provisions stated in this paragraph entitled “Booking Terms and Conditions”, which will prevail over the ordering terms during the booking phase, all the other provisions of the general terms of sale will apply;
  • DJIT shall not be liable if the product is never marketed. If the Mixfader Dock is never placed on the market, the customer will be refunded the amounts paid by him during the booking phase;
  • the booked product availability dates are for information purposes only and are subject to change at the sole discretion of DJIT SAS;
  • the final release date of the “Mixfader Dock” and the delivery dates of the “Mixfader Dock” booked may be changed by DJIT. In such case, the customer will be informed by email;
  • DJIT reserves the right to grant customers who book the Mixfader Dock a discount on the sale price. The amount of the discount and the conditions for its application (dates, eligibility criteria, change in the discount amount during the booking availability period) are at the sole discretion of DJIT. The discount amount will be assessed at the time of the booking date;
  • the conditions under which the booking can be modified, such as the possibility to cancel the booking or change the number of Mixfader Dock booked, are indicated on DJIT’s website. DJIT reserves the right to set a date after which change or cancellation of orders will not be accepted. After that date, any order will become final and cannot give rise to any refund (subject to the 14 day right of withdrawal granted to consumers);
  • the photographs and other graphic illustrations of the Mixfader Dock presented on the site are for information purposes only and have no contractual value. In other words, DJIT is not bound by the product description, photos or colors (specifications data posted on the site such as weight, size). DJIT reserves the right to change the Mixfader Dock description posted on the site during the booking period.