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Essential Pack


  • - 1 Mixfader
  • - 4 adhesive pads
  • - 1 USB cable

Ultimate Pack


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  • - Essential Pack
  • - 1 Mixfader Case
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  • paiement secured icon Payment secured
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Compatible with MIDI apps and software

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Ultra reactive and accurate

Adhesive rubber for a static hold

Adhesive rubber for a static hold

Works with audio vinyl

Works with audio vinyl

Timecode compatible

Timecode compatible

Scratch videos tutorials

Scratch tutorial videos

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20 hours of use

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Official videos

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Qbert

Mixfader demo icon

Ugly MacBeer x DJ Stresh

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Ranek

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Dstrukt x DJ Ranek

Mixfader demo icon

Battle Ave

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Dstrukt

Mixfader demo icon


Mixfader demo icon

DJ Stresh

Mixfader demo icon

Red Bull Thre3Style

Mixfader community

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Dstrukt

Mixfader synced w/ Serato

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Manipulate

Mixfader + Technics SL1200

Mixfader demo icon

Dj relyt

Mixfader + Vestax Handytrax

Mixfader demo icon

Dj Beat finger

Mixfader + Numark PT-01

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Honggoon

Mixfader + iPhone

Mixfader demo icon

Dj Revise

Mixfader + Numark PT01

Mixfader demo icon

Ugly MacBeer

Mixfader + Vestax Handytrax

Mixfader demo icon

DJ Wordy

Mixfader + iPhone





La latence est imperceptible! Comparé à la concurrence il est vraiment plus solide/haut de gamme!




Very nice device, works perfectly and French made!

David van Ballegooijen


Impressive low latency!

I'm totally new to scratching but not to DJ'ing and audio production. I still have to find time to actually learn to scratch but I have spend a good hour just fiddling around with the mixfader using multiple music Apps on both my iPhone 6+ and iPad 3. What I immediately noticed is the encridible low latency this thing has! My iPad 3 is basically ancient now and rather slow when navigating the OS but once an app is running it's fine. I hadn't expect the mixfader to do well on my old iPad but it does! Well done guys!



Well built, zero lag and very responsive

Works well with loads of Apps and is very well built. Zero lag and very responsive. A must have! I can't recommend the Mixfader enough.

ulises gonzalez villa


Excelente producto

Sinceramente éste es un excelente producto, calidad en la construccion, exacto en los cortes, configuracion hasta 1mm en el corte, preciso como un reloj suizo. Ademas de que no hay latencia con respecto al corte del sonido en la app o con una tornamesa usb, ya sea con vinyl real o con uno de control como Serato. El unico punto bajo que yo pondria es en la app Scratch, el control con la app no es muy exacto, o habria que acostumbrarse, no es muy exacto en el sentido de que visualmente hay un ligero retardo entre el movimiento de tu mano o dedo, con respecto al movimiento del grafico del vinyl en la app, pero solo graficamente porque en el audio practicamente no hay retardo, al menos que yo pueda notarlo. Ya solo quedaria ver, si fue tambien diseñado para durar o se descompone en poco tiempo. En general es un producto de calidad, con una excelente tecnologia que te permite portabilidad, mucho tiempo de bateria, configuracion muy personal, conexion sin cables. Lo recomiendo al 100%

Jay C


Went out on a limb and am happy I did!

Times change, tools evolve, kids spawn and invade the confines of your home such that you're afraid to expose your expensive audio equipment to their grubby little hands. Such was my interest born for Mixfader. I will always be a vinyl purist, but I wanted to be able to get a session or two in where it fit. Well this fader coupled with the iPhone app have completely satisfied my desire. Now I can get a few cuts in before the work day starts in my office, or I can cut it up in front of the TV, on my time! Heck, I'm even working these cuts into an iPhone only production project I'm doing. It is sturdy, it is responsive and I am also happy to have supported what seems to be a fine team of engineers and music lovers. SO HAPPY WITH THIS PURCHASE! Canada stand up

Adz M


Crossfade what you want!

Solid quality, stylish, reliable & simple to use. The apps & support that come with sync up nicely. .. this is all about hands on. The rest is up to you, mix, cut & scratch almost anything.

Scratch and Mix anywhere, on the go!


Scratch and Mix anywhere, on the go!

I used to keep a set of Technics and Vestax PMC-05 mixer around to get my scratch and mix fix, then eventually moved to a Vestax QFO. While I still have the latter of the two, PIcking up the Mixfader now allows me to be able to do mix and scratching sessions almost anywhere on the go! The companion apps allow me to make mixes as well as scratch for an impromptu session with friends only carrying a minimal amount of gear! (1/4" headphone cable connectors + mixfader + iphone = happy camper). The build quality is top notch, sturdy and does not slip! (I initially had concerns about how the mixfader would not slide around, but it turns out their design with the repeatedly adhesive bottom solved this problem!). In summary, if you are a person who loves to mix track and or do scratch sessions, this is a great tool to accomplish just that :) Would I buy it again? Of course!



Mixfader is so cool...

Become dj everywhere !



Perfect for beginner dj experience

Very cool best for quick DJ mixes.

Tino R


So Responsive!

There is literally no noticeable latency with this amazing fader - I've had the most fun chirping, flaring and crabbing (is that a word?) with this amazing piece of kit. It's well made, light but sturdy, and I couldn't be happier with it.



Get it now!

If you have any doubts about the Mixfader, don't worry. It's top-quality construction and ease of use will have you scratching in no time. The companion app works beautifully and the tutorials are a nice addition. I've used a few mixers in my time and can honestly say that this one will be my last! It's that good! THANK YOU DJIT! ;P



Mixfader with iPad Air 2

Really nice for beginner for a relative less price and transportable... You can play everywhere ! Happy with it, thanks Mixfader !

Abraham C Ibale



Theres a litlle latency, but other than that its pretty good product.




the fader works good no problems with latency ... Idon't like the edjing scratch demo... For an iphone its ok but for the ipad iwish they would make the app from the first demo cause it has bigger pats and it looks much cleaner. Its overprized...80-100€ would be ok...

Floyd Hill



Excellent product, I recommend it.

Junaum De Luca



Great product, impressed with the built quality of the MixFader. Love to be able to change the cut point of the Mixfader on the app.

Patrick Owens


Absolutely amazing

This is one of the coolest portable faders ive ever come across. And when paired with a Serato control record with the ipad, it totally blew my mind

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