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Mixfader - the world's first wireless portable fader - works with Mixfader dj app. Together, they offer a pocket-sized yet ultra performing pro DJ setup to express your art anywhere, anytime.
Add your portable turntable to this setup and reach a whole new level.


$99.00 $129.00
  • - 1 Mixfader
  • - 4 adhesive pads
  • - 1 USB cable

Mixfader + ProLink

$129.00 $148.00
  • - Essential Pack
  • - 1 ProLink
  • - 3 jack cables
  • - 1 USB cable

Mixfader - the world's first wireless portable fader - works with Mixfader dj app. Together, they offer a pocket-sized yet ultra performing pro DJ setup to express your art anywhere, anytime.
Add your portable turntable to this setup and reach a whole new level.

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iPad and mixfader

A new take on scratching

Mixfader opens up new possibilities for the art of turntablism, putting smartphones/tablets at the core of the discipline: Mixfader dj app reproduces the behaviour and sound rendering of physical vinyls with extreme precision and reactivity, while Mixfader lets you keep the feel and grip of your everyday fader.

Mixfader has been thought to let you focus on your performance. Left or right handed? No need to worry about side cut, both sides of Mixfader are usable. Moreover, thanks to its adhesive bottom surface, Mixfader sticks to any support and withstand the sharper hand movements. And for optimal scratching comfort, Mixfader is supplied with 4 adhesive pads to put under your smartphone or tablet to prevent their shake.

Advanced features: limitless possibilities

Hamster (reverse) Switch

Reverse the Mixfader usage direction


Crossfader curve adjustment

Scratch cut, Slow Fade, Dipped…


Role assignment

Assign Mixfader to any fader role (crossfader, pitch, effect…)


Cut-in point control

Reduce or increase the dead space

mixfader dj

Thanks to a revolutionary ultra low latency Bluetooth technology, Mixfader dj app instantly responds to your Mixfader moves.

Touchscreen interface video thumbnail

Single-vinyl interface. Inspired by your turntables.

Mixfader dj displays a single vinyl with a marker to provide a large control surface, making the experience amazingly realistic. In addition, Mixfader dj offers a central waveform that follows the vinyl’s movements and gives a real-time graphic representation of the sound.

Last but not least, you will find on the main interface of the app all your points of reference: Pitch knob, Volume fader, hot cues, DJ FX. All this on two interchangeable decks for better control.

Music library: +50 million tracks

iTunes icon

Local music

Deezer icon


Soundcloud icon


Scratch samples icon

Scratch samples and loops

The best way to learn and progress

Mixfader dj offers tutorial videos made by Pro DJs for you to get more familiar with your Mixfader and sharpen your scratching technique.

Swing Flare video thumbnail

Swing Flare


Compatible with the edjing Suite

Use Mixfader with edjing Mix or edjing Pro to scratch, dj or create music on-the-go.


Mixfader and turntable

Taking portable scratching to the next level

For the first time compatible with both Timecode and standard audio vinyls, Mixfader is a real game changer. Simply plug your device to your turntable, connect Mixfader to your device and start scratching as always on your Vestax HandyTrax or Numark PT01. Both USB and analog turntables are usable.

Dedicated interface. More creation options.

Mixfader dj detects your turntable and automatically invites you to choose the dedicated display. This special ‘controller’ view has been designed to adapt to scratching on portable turntables. Out with the digital vinyl, this interface displays the audio spectrums, and colored pads to add cue points on each deck.

Turntable interface video thumbnail

A concentrate of innovations

In addition to the special controller view, Mixfader dj offers additional features and settings, specific to the turntable usage, like the threshold control that lets you set your audio device sensitivity to the ambient noise.

Mixfader dj also supports both DVS and standard audio vinyls. The compatible vinyls so far are: Serato CV02 A-side and B-side; Serato Control CD; Traktor MK1 A-side and B-side. MixVibes 7 and MixVibes V2 are also supported, but on iOS only for the moment. Last thing, you can scratch with Mixfader and two turntables (iOS only): you can plug two turntables on your soundcard and control each deck independently.

Timecode and standard audio vinyl

MIDI protocol

Mixfader and MIDI

A new way to produce music

GarageBand, Traktor, Serato DJ… Mixfader can be used with the main music production software.

Connect Mixfader to Mixfader dj through Bluetooth then activate the MIDI protocol from the settings. You will be able to choose your MIDI mode and assign the control change number of your choice.

To use Mixfader with Mac OS, download the dedicated app here

Compatible software

Use Mixfader with the software that better matches your needs

GarageBand icon


Serato icon


Virtual dj icon

Virtual DJ

Ableton Live icon

Ableton Live 9




Dimensions and weight

Mixfader view schema Mixfader view schema 2


Unibody aluminium

Super-adhesive backed-rubber for a static hold

Assembled in France

Buttons and connection

Mixfader view schema 3

Power and Battery

About 20 hours of continuous DJ set

Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion 200 mAh battery

Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter

1 hour charging



Compatible with Mixfader dj and any DJ app that uses Mixfader SDK


Also works with any music creation software of app that uses the MIDI standard

Apple devices

Following devices or newer: iPhone 4S, iPad (3rd gen.), iPod Touch (5th gen.), iPad Mini, Mac

Android devices

Devices equipped with Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy or higher

Check the compatibility of your device

Windows devices

Following devices or newer: Windows 10 Mobile, Windows 10

In the box

1 Mixfader

1 USB cable (charging only)

1 QuickStart guide

4 adhesive pads (for smartphones and tablets)

Environmental Requirements

Supply voltage: DC 5V

Storage temperature: -25°C to + 45°C (-13°F to 113°F)

Temperature range: 5°C to 40°C (41°F to 104°F)

Relative Humidity: 0 to 90% non-condensing

Operating altitude: 3000m (10,000 feet)